Sharyl Chow

Illustrations & Freelance Works of Sharyl Chow. Video Game Artist. Part Time Fashion Designer & Fanartist


OMFG HOLY SHIT ! GOD I keep thinking about you, how have you been? I miss you , I hope you come back Montreal soon.

I wouldn’t dare ask anything from you though ;_:

How’s everything in Japan though?

I actually print on fabric from a US based company.

The other cheapest route is if production is made in China, but I wanted to support the US economy and try making everything myself.

So I get it printed in the states, get it shipped to me and I sew them myself. 


Hello! I might do a small batch when I come back from taking care of my sick relative. I have some interest for the big size and medium! I’ll let you guys know when I come back for sure!

OMG thank youu! I don’t think I will print anymore of Bedelia ^^”

By the way I am excited to see her come back soon? There is 3 episodes left ;_;

I take orders in limited batches. I’ll announce the next pre-order batch whenever I can ^^”

Awww thank you!! * Hugs* Your encouragement a means a lot to me ;_;